Adam Schiff Goes on the Offensive After Buffalo Mass Shooting and Calls Republicans ‘Cowards’ For Blocking ‘Even the Most Basic Gun Safety Measures’

U.S. House Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) wasted little time following news of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York that has so far left ten people dead to go on the offensive against Republicans.

In a tweet, Schiff reported, “Two mass shootings in 24 hours, in Milwaukee and Buffalo — the latter killing ten people.”

“I’m heartbroken. And I’m angry. Angry that the GOP continues to block even the most basic gun safety measures,” Schiff insisted.

Schiff then claimed that “We can stop this. We can save lives. Republicans just refuse to. Cowards.”

According to Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, the gunman had opened fire outside a Tops Friendly Market first, shooting four people, including three people who died.

The gunman, who was heavily armed with a semi-automatic rifle and wearing military fatigues, then walked into the building.

At that point, the security guard at the store, a retired police officer, shot the suspect, but the bullet had no effect because he was wearing armored plating. 

Gramaglia explained, “The suspect engaged our retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene.”

The shooter then continued his way through the store and killed multiple people until he reached the entrance again and was met by police.

“At that point, the suspect put the gun to his own neck,” Gramaglia described but said that police were ultimately able to convince him to drop the gun before taking him into custody.