After ‘Non-Woke’ Top Gun 2 Goes ‘Gangbusters at the Box Office,’ Wendy Rogers Declares ‘#AmericaFirst is Back’

After “Non-woke” Top Gun 2 went “gangbusters at the box office,” GOP Arizona State Sen Wendy Rogers declared today that “#AmericaFirst is back.”

It was reported that in its first three days in North American theaters, “Top Gun: Maverick” earned an estimated $124 million in ticket sales.

By Monday’s close, it is projected and estimated the movie will likely have reeled in over $150 million.

The film’s lead actor Tom Cruise notched his first career $100 million opening with the total, which sits at $248 million when including international showings.

In addition, it was reported that Paramount Pictures currently has no plans to show the sequel in theaters in China.

Chinese tech giant Tencent has reportedly backed out of a 12.5% investment in the film over fears that Communist Party officials would disapprove of their involvement in a movie lionizing the U.S. military.

Rogers tweeted, “Non-woke Top Gun is going gangbusters at the box office. #AmericaFirst is back.”

“Yes I know Tom is a jerk but credit where credit is due,” Rogers acknowledged.

Rogers then suggested that “Hollywood needs to stop taking China money and they need to make more non-woke pro-America movies like Top Gun 2.”

Three weeks ago, Cruise made quite an entrance to the carpet movie premiere in a helicopter and the event was held on an aircraft carrier.

Cruise called the fact that the event was being held maskless, “epic.”

Lt. Col. Rogers became one of the first 100 women pilots in today’s Air Force and retired from the military in 1996 after twenty years of active duty.