‘America First’ Host Nick Fuentes Reminds Charlie Kirk of His ‘America is Just a Placeholder for Ideas’ Statement After ‘America is Our Home’ Tweet: Which is it Charlie?

While the debate rages on over immigration, legal and illegal in the midst of President Joe Biden’s well documented border crisis, another debate is happening. But some are pretending that there is no debate.

Although controversial, and banned from almost every social media platform and reportedly put on a no-fly list simply for showing up legally to a Trump rally, Nick Fuentes is still on Twitter and commands a strong following. In the last couple of years, some of Fuentes’ fans showed up to Turning Point USA conferences to grill Charlie Kirk about his quasi-conservative views. In many instances, they were shouted down or threatened with recourse for wrongthink.

Nevertheless, much of what the America First crowd has been shouting from the rooftops for the last couple of years is now seeping through to the mainstream. Many, like Kirk, and the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, have began picking up Fuentes’ and his followers talking points, without actually acknowledging where the ideas came from.

Although sleazy, that alone isn’t the end of the world for people who want their ideas to permeate to a larger audience, especially in the face of mass censorship. Whether you agree with someone’s view or not, we are supposed to have free speech in this nation, especially when no laws are being broken.

Yesterday and today many mainstream politicians and pundits tweeted out their support for Nick after being put on the no-fly list, as was well documented by Big League Politics here, but Kirk was silent. Even Tucker Carlson alluded to the situation on his primetime show.

Kirk claims to believe in liberty and free speech, but only when it suits his organization it appears. Today, Charlie Kirk tweeted “America is our home.” There’s nothing wrong with that in the eyes of most paleoconservatives, and there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with that to any patriotic native-born United States citizen.

The irony though is that Kirk hasn’t really atoned for or explained away his previous views that he was publicly challenged for. It seems Nick just wants to know if he remembers what he said not that long ago, that America is a placeholder for ideas. Which is it Charlie, our home, or just a placeholder?

That’s not a bad question to ask no matter what you think of Nick, his followers, or anything else. People with lots of donors and a large following should clarify what they believe in the savage world of politics. People can change, but they should acknowledge their turning points, rather than simply shapeshifting for convenience in our view. Watch:

“America is just a placeholder for timeless ideas and if you fall too in love with a particular place, that’s not what it is.” -you two years ago