America First Supporter Smirks As Unhinged Leftist ‘Pro-Abortion’ Protester Screams At Him

In a scene that was reminiscent of what Nick Sandmann went through when he was at the Lincoln Memorial, an America First supporter is seen in a video smirking as an unhinged leftist “pro-abortion” protester screams at him.

Journalist Drew Hernandez shared the video in a tweet where he reported, “UNHINGED: Pro Abortion protesters went BALLISTIC when pro life advocates arrived to the Planned Parenthood Protest at the AZ State Capitol”

In the video, one of the protesters can be seen yelling “Eat sh*t!” three times consecutively.

The camera then pans to the American First supporter who can be seen with a smirk as he appears to be essentially unfazed by the lunatic.

Throughout the rest of the video, there are other leftists, both men and women, can be seen screaming and some chant “Roe v. Wade”

Fox 10 Phoenix reported that hundreds of protesters on both sides of the abortion debate showed up to the protest.

The protest was held after Planned Parenthood called for the “Bans Off Our Bodies” Day of Action to show support for “abortion access and reproductive freedom.”

Cities all across America took part in the so-called day of action, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.