America First Leader Nick Fuentes Rallies in New York Against Vaccine Mandates Despite ‘Freedom’ Group’s ‘Disavowal’

Nicholas Fuentes, host of the nightly show, “America First” rallied with his supporters in New York to protest vaccine mandates.

In his speech to his riled-up supporters, Fuentes said, “I will say this when it comes to being anti-vaccine, I am an extremist. Are you?” He went on to say he is “extremely” anti-vaccine and his supporters seemed to overwhelmingly agree.

Fuentes and his followers were supposed to rally with the “New York Freedom” group, however, The group disavowed Fuentes and called him and his followers “trolls and extremists”.

“Freedom group that bans people for speaking freely”

Fuentes was then forced to separate from the anti-free speech group and move away with his much larger and enthusiastic crowd. “‘Unfortunately, we had to separate from this crowd over there,’ said Nick Fuentes, about Local Anti-mandate protesters who would say they are not affiliated with the America First group. Groups gathered outside Pfizer Headquarters to protest Vaccine Mandates”

In later parts of his speech he vowed to never get the vaccine and said, “This is the hill I and you should be willing to die on. I come out here with a bulletproof vest and say ‘bring it on’. Now, I don’t want to get killed. I prefer not to. You can shoot me, you can stab me, you can arrest me, you can beat me up, but I will not comply!”

He continued saying, “What’s important is your country. What’s important is your God. If you are not willing to die for these things you will fall for anything. And I don’t know about you but I would rather die on my feet, for my God, for my country, for my family than live on my knees in front of Pfizer headquarters.”

While Fuentes has been on the front lines fighting what he calls tyrannical vaccine and mask mandates, conservatives have refused to help him or ally with him to fight tyranny. Clearly, they would much rather allow vaccine mandates to succeed than to team up with Fuentes over fears of being labeled controversial.

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