AOC Attacks Lauren Boebert, Accuses her of Acting like a ‘Useless Piece of Furniture’ as Dems are Accused of Politicizing Tragedy

U.S. House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has lashed at U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO). This comes in the wake of the horrific and tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas at a Texas elementary school where at least 21 people are reported to have been killed. Aside from all political opinions and angles, we pray for the victims and families of that senseless act and hope that nothing like it ever happens again.

Boebert had originally tweeted something implying that she is still pro-gun rights, despite the evil tragedy in Texas. That seemed to strike a chord with AOC, who quote tweeted her by saying:

“Why even be in Congress if you don’t believe in doing your job? Just quit and let someone who actually gives a damn do it instead of acting like a useless piece of furniture when babies are shot with AR15s that we let teen boys impulse buy before they can legally have a beer.”

This was after Boebert had said:

“You cannot legislate away evil”

Boebert clapped back at AOC saying:

“Ms. Defund the Police, Gun Free Zones have proven to be deadly. Let me know when you’re ready to do your job and effectively protect our schools with armed security. Let’s meet and solve this.”

It was reported earlier that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke interrupted the Texas Governor’s press conference in regards to the shooting as well. Many emotions are running high and people would rather not see tragedies used for political gain, although talking about how to prevent future tragedies from both angles is almost always going to be a foregone conclusion.