Bill Maher Believes Twitter ‘Failed’ and Needs ‘A New Sheriff’

On Bill Maher’s Friday night show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, the comedian shared a few Jokes on the news of the week that Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter was approved by its board. He then brought up Twitter later in the show while talking with his guests for the night.

Maher called Twitter a failure numerous times throughout the show. He highlights the NY Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop that was blocked as well as flagging ‘Babylon Bee’ for making fun of Twitter.

In the later part of the show, while sitting down with Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) and Ali Velshi, NBC News correspondent, Maher calls Twitter a failure. Maher starts, “Has Twitter failed, in setting themselves up in the past as judge of what can go out there and I would say, yes you have. You failed when you threw the NY Post off a Twitter for talking about Hunter Biden’s emails, and it turned out that was a real story. You failed when you said we couldn’t read about whether Covid had come from a lab, you failed.

Maher then asks his guests about the Babylon Bee, “Did you read about this ‘Babylon Bee’? You know what the ‘Babylon Bee’ is? I didn’t know this, it’s like the Christian version of ‘The Onion'”. Velshi responds, “Because everyone needs that.” Maher hits back with, “Well some people do, they are not all you and me okay. It says your trusted source for Christian news and satire. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Christian satire, I thought the religion itself was satire. That’s me, I’m not everybody. Okay, I’m not everybody have a little humility.”

Maher gets to the story, “So listen to this, they got flagged for.. they posted a funny video, this is funny to them, okay, insensitive content Twitter said. In the video, they were making fun of Twitter for being too sensitive, this is so through the looking glass.”

“Here’s what happens in the video, this woman going into the Twitter building, parody, this is what people do on television have done forever. Okay she’s complaining to HR about how sensitive Twitter is and the guy shows her an inkblot and she keeps seeing Hitler in all of the inkblots. Okay then she runs screaming out of the building, this is well within what satire has always been, and the fact that they flagged this for being insensitive shows their lack of self-awareness about what their own problem is. If that’s where the line is, you have failed Twitter. You do need a new sheriff.”

You can see part of the interaction below in the tweet from Lawyerforlaws, “Bill Maher says: Can you believe this? “Twitter Flagged a Christian Satire site~ ” The Babylon Bee” for making fun of Twitter being too sensitive ..”

During his opening monologue, after making some jokes about the ’emergency’ classification of the drought in California and taking a slight at Amber Heard, Maher got to what he called the big news of the week. Maher started with, “The big news this week right, the big news, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Some people like it some people don’t. No no no, some people like it some people don’t.”

“Elon said ‘Everyone’s worrying about nothing, Twitter is going to remain a place where something you brain farted when you were in jr. High can haunt you for the rest of your life, so stop worrying,” Maher joked.

“But he’s gonna make some changes that I think are good. He’s the first well he’s gonna get rid of bots, right that’s a good thing. He said we don’t want any entity here that are not real people. And uh Mark Zuckerberg said, why are you making this personal.”

“Did you see what Elon did? He tweeted right after he bought it, he said, ‘And now I’m going to buy Coke a Cola so I can put the cocaine back in’. It’s all fun and games until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine.

Many are happy to see Musk taking over Twitter, as he is calling for the algorithms to be open source, this will let users be able to see how Twitter manipulates the content. We reported earlier about the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, being cautiously optimistic about Musk’s takeover.