Chuck Todd’s Now Streaming ‘Meet The Press’ Daily Show Attempts to Book Deceased GOP Congressman

After being sent to NBC’s streaming network NBC News NOW, Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press” daily show attempted to book deceased Congressman Don Young (R-AK), who passed away in March.

Zack Brown, who previously served as the communications director for Young, revealed the embarrassing flub when he shared a screenshot of an email he received in a tweet.

In the email, Young was invited to be interviewed on yesterday’s “Meet the Press NOW” in the 4 p.m. est. slot.

Brown said in the tweet “Unfortunately, @chucktodd, I don’t think Congressman Young’s schedule will allow him to be on Meet the Press with you tomorrow, but I’ll circle back if that changes. Thanks for reaching out!”

In a reply, Brown added that he “Felt obligated to reply” and shared another screenshot with his reply to the email.

“Sadly Congressman Young passed away in March, but you all did a lovely tribute to him!” Brown responded in the email

Brown then said in a quote tweet of the original tweet, “The best part to me is if (Don Young) saw this he would cackle about it for 5 minutes before asking me to print it and laminate it so he could show all his friends on the House Floor during votes.”

After his tweet went viral, Brown made another quote tweet today where he said, “I would just like to humbly ask Mr. Todd and the MTP team to go easy on this booker.”

“It was an honest mistake I’m sure, and it has brought some sorely needed levity & humor to our team and the DY alumni network. Plus, like I said, the Congressman himself would find it hilarious,” Brown explained.

Brown then quote tweeted a “Meet the Press” tweet which showed that U.S. House Rep Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was scheduled to appear and noted, “Well now we know who got the 4pm ET slot.”

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