Fauci Gives Permission for Holiday Gatherings to the Vaccinated, ‘You Can Enjoy the Holidays’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, in an appearance on ABC Sunday, give the green light to the vaccinated to enjoy the holidays with their family.

“DR. FAUCI: ‘If you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated…you can enjoy the holidays.'”

Dr. Fauci was asked what people should do for the holidays and whether they should gather together like a normal year. Fauci responded, “If you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated… then you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy Halloween, trick-or-treating, and certainly Thanksgiving with your families and Christmas with your families.”

Liberals must be excited to have a “permission slip” from their beloved Fauci as he has become an idol for those on the left who remain scared of getting Covid-19. However, those on the right have come to the conclusion that they don’t need permission from an unelected government bureaucrat in order to enjoy the holidays, in our opinion.

As we previously reported earlier this month, “Nearly two years after we first heard about the Coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci is still running things behind the scenes. Although Joe Biden is the president, many still defer to Fauci for Covid-19 advice and guidance.

Dr. Fauci recently spoke on Face the Nation CBS where he told his opinion of whether or not he thinks you should spend Christmas alone again.

Dr. Fauci answered with a Grinch-like “you know Margaret, it’s just too soon to tell. We gotta concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down, and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time”. Dr. Fauci does not want you to plan for Christmas yet if you’re having relatives or friends come to visit it appears.

The media has appeared to try to elevate Fauci to another level in attempts to make him the sole source of Covid-19 truth and what Americans should and shouldn’t be doing. His responses have been mixed on family gatherings for the holidays and some might argue he is bound to change his position again.

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