GOP Governor of Utah Wants Afghan Refugees, But a Candidate for Governor of Nearby Idaho Just Called for a Moratorium Instead

The Republican Governor of Utah, (along with some in both parties in a few other states) is claiming he will welcome refugees, specifically from Afghanistan, as the Biden administration fields the backlash from the badly botched U.S. withdrawal. According to Forbes:

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican, said in a statement his state “stands ready to welcome refugees from this war torn country,” tweeting that Utahns should “open our homes and hearts” to them.

Neighboring Idaho has not heard from their current Republican Governor, Brad Little, on the subject. But a candidate running for that seat who is well connected to the Republican Party in the state’s largest county, says if he was in charge, it would be a no. Ed Humphreys even took it a step further, claiming that nurses, law enforcement, and teachers already here aren’t being put first.

Idaho is facing a housing crunch already, with prices becoming almost unaffordable for working-class heroes, and a surge of newcomers looking for freebies certainly won’t help in that department.

A statement on Facebook by Humphreys reads:

“It’s been ONE day and the IRC is already pitching you for tax dollars to ship the Taliban into Idaho. Did you know we are the third highest state in per-capita refugee resettlement? I’m advocating for a moratorium on refugee resettlement in Idaho. It’s inappropriate to resettle Afghans in Idaho when we can’t house nurses, law enforcement, and teachers.”

The coming refugee resettlement, in our view, will put a strain on many states already grappling with inflation and a major surge of illegal immigrants from the southern border being placed in states all over the nation by the Biden administration. It will be interesting to see if the current Governor of Idaho, who has a handful of people in both parties running against him in 2022, takes a position as it pertains to Afghanistan refugees at all.

Many Republicans are starting to realize that just about every state is adversely affected by the Biden/Harris administration’s wreckless failures to put Americans first. We previously reported about Mr. Humphreys here if you’d like to know more.

We reported that as many as 30,000 refugees from Afghanistan may come, but one Florida state rep hinted that that number may end up being 100,000.

“Any Republican that doesn’t help fight against the plan to bring 100k Afghans into the country must be primaried Every @GOP official must go on record NOW”

Democrats have bragged and bragged that as the demographics of the United States continue to shift with the help of immigration at the southern border and refugees, the Democrat vote goes up. But if any Republican even so much as hints to the same exact thing, but that it’s a bad thing for the Republican party to lose votes, they get immediately called racist, even when nothing absolutely racist gets said whatsoever.

The United States is a welcoming nation. One of the most welcoming in the world, and it takes in more refugees than many other nations. But it also has a culture and a cohesive society to preserve, and its current citizens do deserve a voice. The left and big tech, plus RINO’s who are bought and paid for by special interests, in our personal view, have tried to stifle or mislabel that voice in bad faith. It’s nice to see politicians or candidates with bold new ideas and who want to put America first.

Although not the same as a call for a refugee resettlement moratorium, and not comprehensive as the list is growing, many public figures have also called for an immigration moratorium as you can read about here, including Steve Cortes, at NewsMax.