Happening Now: Employees from Multiple Airlines Hold ‘Freedom Not Force’ Rally Outside of Southwest Headquarters in Dallas

Many employees, as well as other airline workers and many more, are gathered outside of the Southwest headquarters in Dallas, Texas today. The gathering started at 8:30 this morning.

Twitter user Sav tweeted about the rally sharing some videos of the rally as well.

“DALLAS- “Freedom Not Force” rally happening in front of Southwest Headquarters in Dallas. Employees from multiple airlines such as American and Delta also present. DALLAS- Lots or “Freedom not Force” and “Stop Vaxx Mandates” signs in the crowd this morning.”

In another video shared by Sav shows employees chanting “Let’s go Brandon”.

“Airline employee chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Freedom Not Force” in front of Southwest headquarters in Dallas”.

Another group chants “My Body, My choice”.

A flyer for the event shared on Facebook, invites people to a peaceful protest of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The rally will be in Dallas at the intersection of Denton drive and Love Field drive. The flyer also states to “follow your individual work rules should you need to obtain time off.”

Many are facing vaccine mandates across the country, where if they fail to vaccinate by a certain date they could face losing their jobs. This rally is full of those who support the employee’s freedom to choose without the threat of losing their job. Many of those interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting, in the video below, are family members of employees as well as some employees themselves. Some are calling on Southwest CEO Gary Kelly to stand up against Biden’s vaccine mandate.

This weekend, Southwest asked the court to reject the effort by the Southwest pilot’s union to temporarily block the vaccine mandate. The current deadline set by Southwest is November 24th. This won’t be the last we hear of this as many are unhappy with the mandate, as they wish to be able to choose for themselves.


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