Idaho Candidate for Governor Calls for State Board of Education Members to Immediately Resign for Pushing ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ Social Justice Propaganda in Schools

Ed Humphreys, a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate from Idaho, took to Twitter yesterday to go after the Idaho State Board of Education. Humphreys tweeted out Monday: “Any State Board of Education member who votes to implement social justice policies should be asked to resign IMMEDIATELY!”

Humphreys also took to Facebook and went live to review what the Idaho State Board of Education was going to go over in Monday’s Special Board Meeting. One of the two items on the Agenda was “diversity, inclusion, education equity”. Ed pointed out that the background on the agenda meeting reads, “This policy is the result of Board discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the public school system in response to unfounded allegations of systematic indoctrination occurring at the four-year public postsecondary institutions in Idaho.”

Humphreys highlighted the word unfounded in his Facebook video and proceeded to share a racial diversity quiz that is distributed by Boise State University (BSU) in response to the Board’s “unfounded” claim. Ed read a question from the quiz, “In America, the rise of the idea white supremacy was tied most directly to, A. Indian Removal, B. Slavery, C. Declaration of Independence D. The US Consitution E. Ancient Greece”.

The correct answer according to BSU is C. The Declaration of Independence. Ed questions, “I don’t know how this is an unfounded claim”. Humphreys says that BSU is promoting hatred of the United States, that its aim is the destruction of our country.

Humphreys then moved to the BSU library’s ‘inclusive excellence ‘ section. He went over books that “they are cramming down the throats of our students, on our rising generation”. The list includes The Activist Handbook, When We Fight We Win, and Rules for Radicals, a book that Ed points out is dedicated to Lucifer. He then moved on to Idaho State University to highlight more “unfounded” claims. He then moved on to the section which cites who the board has consulted with to write the policy. It appears the only people that they have bothered to consult with are the social justice activists.

Watch his video from yesterday before the board met:

In a Facebook post this morning, he reiterated his stance, after the meeting last night which can be seen above.

“It is deeply saddening to me that our education leaders summed up CRT in higher education as an “unfounded allegation.” They should have been fired after they hired Marlene Tromp as BSU President but this new policy puts icing on the cake. I will stop at nothing to take this down, they will destroy the minds of our rising generation and I will not allow it.”

More residents of Idaho and other red states will have to be even louder, as it appears a powerful minority control what is being pushed in the schools, whether it be publics school or public funded colleges.