Jenna Ellis Esquire Throws Bizarre Twitter Tantrum Over Minor Error in News Article About Her

Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis got mad at National File after they reported about a statement she made regarding the ongoing status of audits of the 2020 election happening in Arizona and elsewhere.

Ellis had apparently drawn some ire by supporters of the audit by the State Senate in Arizona. “Monica on Air” tweeted “.@JennaEllisEsq @BarnettforAZ who was it that said this wasn’t a remedy?”

Ellis responded to a reply to Monica’s tweet, supporting the audit process and possible decertification of the Arizona election while apparently watering down the idea that there would be any real effect other than “correcting the record”.

“Decertification is totally different than reinstatement. The former isn’t a remedy in and of itself (but an important step to correcting the record), and the latter is not constitutionally sound. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been consistent in my analysis.”

National File reported on this story, and it apparently bothered Ellis, who asked them to clarify a detail about her in their story:

“.@NationalFile continues to publish an old bio for me even though I put them on notice in writing back in September and asked them to update it. If they’re that careless over a small detail, what else are they getting wrong in their stories?”

National File: “Hi Jenna, Sorry we missed your note. We’re a small outlet without the resources we would like to dedicate to social media. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and let us know what we’re getting wrong or message us here.”

Ellis: “Thank you for your response. Being a “small outlet” is no excuse for factually incorrect reporting and being careless. I appreciate that you will update moving forward. If you have any questions for your stories, you can always contact me first.”

National File obliged her of course, adding this to the end of their piece, but many may wonder what Ellis was really angry about, a minor detail, or something else?

From National File:

This article originally misstated details regarding Ellis’s popular show on the Salem Podcast Network and was corrected.

National File also reported in part, (and this may have bugged Ellis):

While some challenge Ellis on whether President Trump could be legally reinstated as President, it seems as though those on either side of the legal matter agree that decertification of states with elections found to be fraudulent is important.

Along with now hundreds of state legislators, conservative figures, and President Donald Trump, Constitutional lawyers have signaled their support for a state to decertify their election if fraud puts the original results in question. In July, Constitutional attorney John Eastman revealed a path for the Arizona State legislature to legally decertify a fraudulent election in Arizona. “We don’t have to live with a fraudulent election,” said Eastman on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

Many see Jenna Ellis as a Trump ally and a friend of the America First movement. Let’s hope she just had a bad day. She doesn’t follow Media Right News so I doubt she’ll read this article, but if she does we hope we have everything right or we will be in big trouble. Ellis is a Trump ally who recently quit the official GOP ran by Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel to make a statement. It’s unclear to us if she’s rejoined again but if so we will be glad to correct that immediately if it’s brought to our attention.

Jenna Ellis Official Bio:

Attorney. Christian. Contributor @newsmax. The Jenna Ellis Show @SalemMediaGrp. Special Counsel @ThomasMoreSoc. Fmr Senior Legal Adviser & Counsel @POTUS45

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