Karine Jean-Pierre Tells Don Lemon That She Can’t Even ‘Keep Up’ With Biden When Asked if He Has the ‘Stamina’ to Be President After 2024

During a recent interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the CNN host that she can’t even “keep up” with Joe Biden when asked if he has the “stamina” to be president after 2024.

In a clip that was shared in a tweet by Breaking911, Lemon appeared very serious as he asked Jean-Pierre, “Does the President have the stamina, physically and mentally do you think, to continue on even after 2024?”

Jean-Pierre, however, did her best to dismiss the suggestion as she laughed and said, “Don! You’re asking me this question?! Oh my gosh! He’s the President of the United States! I can’t even keep up with him!”

“We just got back from New Mexico, we just got back from California, that is not a question that we should be even asking,” Jean-Pierre insisted as Lemon appeared unimpressed.

Jean-Pierre then explained, “Just look at the work that he does, look at how he’s delivering for the American public… we care about how are we going to deliver for the American people. How are we going to make their lives better. That’s what the president talks about, that is his focus, that’s what we are going to continue to focus on.”

A recent op-ed in the Atlantic appeared to echo Jean-Pierre as it is titled, “Leave Joe Biden Alone.”

“Biden’s been a good president, but Republicans want to impeach him and some Democrats want to replace him,” the author insisted.

After claiming that Republicans have no plan, should they take back the House, and putting a spin on things that have happened during the Biden presidency, the author concludes by suggesting that “But this is all the president’s fault because Joe Biden is old and talks like … well, like Joe Biden.”

“This is part of a more general problem in American politics: We have come to regard the presidency as a temporary appointment to Superman, and the White House as a gleaming Fortress of Solitude full of potential miracles. In doing so, we let ourselves off the hook for any responsibility either for our own actions as voters, or for any requirement to face our problems together with resilience and understanding.”