Lebron James’ Rep Apologizes After Recording Shows Him Sick of Black Lives Matter, Says he Will ‘Check His Privilege’ Better

Outspoken Democrat basketball star Lebron James’ PR Rep Adam Mendelsohn just got himself, and possibly James, into a big load of hot water. Lebron is famous for being a basketball player, but he has become even more famous for bashing Republicans, especially former President Donald Trump, and speaking about racial issues, often in divisive ways.

In an audio clip that has gone viral where apparently ESPN host Rachel Nichols was not aware she was on the record, she complains about her Black co-worker getting a job because ESPN was “feeling pressure” due to diversity needs. The White Nichols was apparently back that the Black Maria Taylor got a plum T.V. spot that Nichols had expected

Breitbart reported that Jame’s PR guy was swept up in this PR disaster:

The recording also revealed that she was talking to James’s P.R. adviser Adam Mendelsohn. On the call, Mendelsohn is heard slamming ESPN as a “snake pit” and claiming that “between Me Too and Black Lives Matter,” he was “exhausted.”

At one point, Mendelsohn is heard telling Nichols, “I don’t know. I’m exhausted. Between Me Too and Black Lives Matter, I got nothing left.”

See tweets:

Rachel Nichols: “If you need to give her more things to do because you are feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity — which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it — like, go for it. Just find it somewhere else.”

“The only person known to be punished was Kayla Johnson, a digital video producer who told ESPN Human Resources that she had sent the video to Taylor. Johnson, who is Black, was suspended for two weeks without pay”

Lebron’s PR guy had to apologize:

“I shouldn’t have said it or even thought it.

I work to support these movements and know that the people affected by these issues never get to be exhausted or have nothing left. I have to continue to check my privilege and work to be a better ally.”

Time will tell what James thinks of these developments. It’s clear that the behind-the-scenes in sports and Hollywood is not always the same as what the puppetmasters want us to see on our TV.

CNBC also reported:

  • The longtime white public relations advisor to Black NBA superstar LeBron James last year told a white ESPN reporter during a call, “I’m exhausted. Between Me Too and Black Lives Matter, I got nothing left,” The New York Times reported.
  • The comments by PR maven Adam Mendelsohn referenced catchphrases used respectively for the movements seeking to reduce sexual violence against women and police violence against Black people.
  • They were made during a recorded phone call he had last summer with ESPN’s NBA reporter Rachel Nichols.
  • Nichols griped to Mendelsohn about a Black reporter, Maria Taylor, getting the hosting spot for NBA finals coverage from their sports TV network, a spot which Nichols had expected was hers.

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