Michael Sisco: No Fly Nick Fuentes And The Progressive Machine

This past Tuesday, Nicholas J. Fuentes planned to travel by plane to attend a ‘Big Tech Rally’ in Florida, but after attempting to purchase a flight with several different airlines, he was turned away.

While official details are yet to be confirmed, it seems that Mr. Fuentes is on a Federal No-Fly list in relation to his attendance at the Trump Rally on January 6th outside the U.S. Capitol. Fuentes did not enter the Capitol, nor did he —
as many leftists claim — incite any sort of violence. For most America First Patriots, this is an obvious escalation of political persecution against Trump Supporters and conservative dissidents.

It follows the ongoing pattern: coordinated de-platforming of Conservatives such as Alex Jones, and most notably a sitting President of The United States — President Donald J. Trump. The founder of the free speech platform Gab, Andrew Torba has continuously had to find ways around his company’s de-banking. Congressional Candidate, Laura Loomer, is even banned from rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. The list goes on and on, to the point it’s even hard to name them all.

On Tuesday afternoon, as news of Nick Fuentes’ travel ban spread, many prominent Conservatives spoke out in support of him. This was encouraging to see, and even Tucker Carlson made reference to it on his program. However, many others remained silent, and some, such as Raheem Kassam, used it as an opportunity to mock him. Raheem seems to think that his status as an immigrant is going to save him when the leftist establishment escalates things even further — it won’t. As Lauren Chen so aptly put it, “we’re all the same to them.” The truth of the matter is: the political persecution of Conservative dissidents should be the central issue for all conservative pundits, outlets, aspiring and elected officials, as all dissenting opinions on remotely meaningful issues will gradually be silenced.

Admittedly, the Progressive movement that has such a stranglehold on our establishment is not identical to Marxist movements of the past, but the revolutionary spirit which pursues a godless utopia is the same. Individuals who resent opposition are necessarily dehumanized towards the movement’s ends. Historical trends of leftist regimes of the past are still good indicators of what conservatives and Christians can expect.

Eerily similar tactics can be observed: One such tactic utilized by the Soviet Regime was to label dissidents as “insane.” The dissidents, or “counter-revolutionaries,” were then subjected to physiatric hospitals or labor camps for “treatment.” Trump supporters—those who attended the rally on January 6th, those expressing the belief that the Presidential election was rigged, or even those associated with the ones who do—are being falsely labeled as Domestic Terrorists or enemies of the United States Government.

Conservatives who merely happened to be in Washington, D.C. that day are receiving visits by the FBI.

In 1966, China’s Mao utilized a “student movement” called the Red Guard to spread violence and terror against the so-called “reactionaries.” The Red Guard was given full authorization to commit acts of violence against “rightists.” Their violence was justified by academics and friendly media as merely a justified response to inequality and oppression.

This is nearly parallel to the manner in which Black Lives Matter and Antifa are used in the United States today. Our major cities have been plagued with violent BLM riots, which have resulted in bodily harm, death, and destruction of innocent business owners’ property. The mainstream media and academics of our day offer similar justifications as were granted to the Red Guard of Mao. BLM and Antifa activists rarely receive the full brunt of the law, are allowed free reign with little to no enforcement of order, and they most certainly aren’t considered Domestic Terrorists by the establishment elites.

Contrast that with the way Trump supporters were treated who entered the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th for their own mostly peaceful protests. Despite the Communists’ will for power in the 20th century, these stringent suppressions of dissents did not bring about a worker’s utopia. Far from it; rather it brought massive death to their own people.

It is estimated that Mao Zedong killed about 35 million people, and frankly, there is credible evidence that such behavior persists to this day in the Chinese Communist Party. Similarly, Joseph Stalin killed an estimated 34 to 49 million of his own people. Thankfully, the Soviet Reign of Terror has come to an end in Russia. The people of China are subjected to a formal social credit system, which the CCP uses to determine a person’s “trustworthiness.”

People who are labeled poorly in these systems pay more for essential services and are possibly even banned from traveling aboard airplanes and trains. In the Progressive Utopia of the United States, we are subjected to an informal social credit system, enforced by various proxies, including the media, corporations, technocrats, and now evidently, the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The labels are different, but the effect is still the same. Anyone who dares to challenge the Progressives or even Classical Liberal ideology is branded with various buzzwords, such as “racist”, “anti-semite”, “white supremacist”,” white nationalist”, or “xenophobe”. These various scarlet letters make it immensely difficult for someone to lead a normal life, or even earn a sufficient living. Most people are destroyed, while exceptional talents such as Nick Fuentes and Laura Loomer continue to prevail despite losing their human rights.

It’s true that the current Progressive regime is not the same as Marxism, given that the structure of the Constitution forces them to operate around formal protections, relying mostly on informal enforcement by proxy. For that reason, it’s unclear if the persecution of conservatives will escalate to the level of atrocities witnessed in Russia and China, but Conservatives can’t afford to risk it. The Progressive machine will make no distinction between the Raheem Kassam’s and Nick Fuentes’ of the world.

Conservatives in the mainstream that still find themselves allowed in polite society must reorient to make this issue their top priority. They should never again take leftist smears and buzzwords at face value in an effort to be “respectable”. That will grant you no mercy in the long run. The only option is for us to band together against the various means of political persecution, workplace discrimination, payment processing bans, the refusal of banking services, essential services such as rideshares, big tech censorship, and the weaponization of Federal law enforcement agencies. If the Conservative movement can’t do this and defend the likes of Nicholas J. Fuentes, then maybe it deserves what it has coming.