MTG Questions How ‘High Winds’ Affect ‘One Airline’ as American Airlines Suffers Thousands of Reported Cancellations

American Airlines had to cancel thousands of flights over the weekend. High winds in Dallas, was cited as part of the reason for the cancelations along with staff shortages.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-R) tweeted, “Those darn high winds only affecting one airline.. #StopVaccineMandates

American Airlines isn’t the only airline that has faced numerous cancellations recently. In early October Southwest had a weekend filled with cancellations such as American Airlines has faced this past weekend. Three months ago Spirit Airlines canceled many flights over a seven-day period.

American Airlines is a federal contractor, and as such is under Biden’s federal mandate for COVID-19 vaccination. American has given its employees until November 24th to submit their proof of vaccination or face termination.

Southwest employees, families, and other airline employees held a protest titled, “Freedom not Force”, outside the headquarters of Southwest in October.

On Friday, 19 states sued the Federal government over the vaccine mandate of federal contractors. The multiple suits argue that the mandate is an overreach of federal power.

The vaccine mandate was not one of the reasons cited for the cancellations this weekend. However, many believe it is part of the reason that the airline had a staff shortage. American claimed that the bad weather delayed crew from being where they needed to be which caused a staff shortage.

With the deadline for employees to be vaccinated getting closer, we will see what happens.