Musk Posts Quote from ‘Sex Pistols’ Legend and Pro Trump ’Johnny Rotten’ About How the Right are Now ’The Cool Ones Giving the Middle Finger to the Establishment’

John Lyndon AKA Johnny Rotten of the ”Sex Pistols” is the definition of punk rock. Punk rock is a form of music, but it’s also an expression. The expression is loosely known for going against mainstream culture, but doing it with style, so to speak.

Many of our readers who are millennials, generation-x, or even baby boomers (maybe some younger or older folks too) understand that punk rock as a cultural phrase has been hijacked. It did not used to be punk rock to be posting and chanting the same cultural catch phrases as most large corporations.

But now however, maybe ironically despite rioters and looters 2020 actions, many on the left support large corporations, and the culture peddled by Hollywood and Nashville. Although not as many people really use the punk rock term as often as people used to, the concept of what it means absolutely lives on.

The irony of the left’s protesters and cultural and political activists being the exact opposite of “punk rock” in the eyes of Johnny Rotten and likely many others is not lost at all.

While this much is clear, has the nation changed so much that the new right wing counter culture Rotten refers to isn’t enough to become the new ”real punk rock” such that it shows in upcoming elections and cultural swings?

This is a challenging situation to prognosticate indeed. One thing is for sure, Musk, and many of his fans absolutely agree with Mr. Rotten’s sentiments. Check it out:

In our view this all makes sense. However, the plot thickens when you look at nuanced voters. Some “oldschool” Republicans now agree with the left more when it comes to foreign policy.

Many young, pro-Trump “America First” types however, want no war or foreign aid unless we are affected directly. These cross-currents make future elections up for grabs at a time when Democrats had hoped to have full control by.