Paul Gosar Fires Back After MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Accuses Him of Attending ‘Extremist Event’

We reported recently that Rachel Maddow mischaracterized an event called “AFPAC” that was indeed attended by U.S. Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) the same weekend that former President Donald Trump spoke at “CPAC” in Orlando, Florida.

Rep Gosar sent out an email detailing his feelings on the accusations below, asking for donations and pushing back on Maddow’s accusations:

“I am once again under attack from the rotten-to-the-core mainstream media! 

Airhead Rachel Maddow is demanding answers on her blog about why I spoke at an event organized by young supporters of the America First movement. 

Here’s my answer, Rachel: I don’t owe you an explanation — pass the word along to the rest of your far-left extremist media friends. 

If the press thinks it can cancel me, it better think again. I’m not cancel-able

These evil enemies of the American Republic have been harassing me for my strong support of President Trump for years. 

Just like you, I’ve been called all the names in the book: “far-right,” “white nationalist,” “racist,” “bigot,” etc. — all for supporting President Trump’s America First agenda, and wanting to close America’s borders. 

And they think I’m going to cave now? Give me a break! I will never cave

Their vile attacks and name-calling only make me stronger. 

I just wish more of my fellow Republicans had the spine to stand up to these cretins, like I do. 

But as long as YOU are on my side, that is all that matters.

Contribute to my reelection campaign today and show the radical far-left that you won’t bend to their ridiculous cancel culture

It’s not just the evil press that thinks it can cancel me. 

Some so-called “Republicans” want me gone, too. 

The Deep State’s CIA waterboy Evan McMullin — the one who failed miserably in his presidential campaign against President Trump — says he is going to find a primary challenger to run against me. 

The weak GOP Establishment RINOs, who are afraid to be called mean names by the leftist media, are teaming up with the same leftist media to try to take me down. 

Help me fend off these repulsive attackers with a contribution today.

This whole operation against me is meant to crush the America First movement.

I have been a stalwart supporter of President Trump and the America First movement for years, and that’s why I’m the NUMBER ONE target of these media and GOP Establishment hacks. 

The establishment wants to stop us in our tracks, because they know how popular our movement is. 

The D.C. Swamp is grasping at straws trying to maintain power — but the American people have had enough.

No more cancel culture. No more disavowals. No more backing down. No more apologizing for putting America First. 

I simply refuse to play these ridiculous games, and your generous donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more today will show the Swamp Creatures and the Lying Media that you won’t play them either

Thank you for refusing to back down.”

Previously we reported in part:

If the event was for Whites only, like Maddow appeared to claim, why did Black American Jon Miller from BlazeTV, Jewish Laura Loomer, and Filipino Michelle Malkin show up? Surely they knew what they were getting themselves into. Fuentes is demanding that Maddow give himself a platform to rebut her claims against him, as well as her claims against sitting U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar.

Rep Gosar didn’t apologize for going to AFPAC as some have tried to get him to do. He tweeted out that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s speech was similar to what former U.S. Rep Steve King also said at AFPAC:

“Beautiful message here and identical to @SteveKingIA remarks at #AFPAC

Gosar’s message seems to be this, you don’t have to agree with every single thing about a controversial leader or group, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak to them or that they should be canceled. While the right complains about cancel culture, the left almost never cancels their own.

Meanwhile, the GOP can’t disavow their own fast enough whenever someone questions the official narrative it seems.

Perhaps this is why the left seems to win more these days?