Rachel Maddow Falsely Claims ‘AFPAC’ Conference With Black, Filipino, and Jewish Attendees is for a ‘Whites Only Country’

Last weekend in Florida, former President Trump spoke at CPAC, which was a conference about being against cancel culture. Ironically enough, people like former Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin and podcaster Nick Fuentes have indeed been canceled by the “uncancelers” at CPAC, and held their own, for the second time.

So Nick Fuentes held an event down the road called AFPAC instead. While controversial for today’s standards, AFPAC is not a “Whites Only” event and they don’t officially advocate for a “Whites Only” country in the way that Rachel Maddow claimed on her MSNBC show. Clip below:

Apparently, a woman who was involved in the January 6th Capitol event was a fan of Fuentes and was also on record saying and doing some unsavory things. That doesn’t mean he told her to go into the Capitol building though, or that he even knew who she was.

Fuentes, although edgy and controversial, makes it clear that White Americans should simply be able to advocate for themselves, just as any other group is able to in the United States today. In today’s politically correct world it seems like it’s ok to be proud to be XYZ, as long as the XYZ isn’t a White Christian male or some combination of that.

If the event was for Whites only, like Maddow appeared to claim, why did Black American Jon Miller from BlazeTV, Jewish Laura Loomer, and Filipino Michelle Malkin show up? Surely they knew what they were getting themselves into. Fuentes is demanding that Maddow give himself a platform to rebut her claims against him, as well as her claims against sitting U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar.

Maddow tried to paint Gosar as some ominous evil “White Supremacist” Congressman just for getting his message out to a group of young America First patriots who feel that CPAC is too much about the money, mass immigration, and compromising with the left than it is about putting Americans first. Will Maddow let Fuentes give his angle, or just keep on telling it the way she wants to because she has the mainstream media on her side? Time will tell.

Fuentes tweeted out:

“Rachel @Maddow must invite me on her show to defend myself after she LIED and DEFAMED me last night.”

In our observation, the America First movement is not the things some on the left and many on the right paint it to be (holocaust deniers, racists, etc) but rather a group of conservatives who love their country, want to preserve the culture and heritage of the United States has and is not politically correct.

Fuentes has on many occasions clarified that he does not condone illegal behavior, was not inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6th and did not encourage anyone to go inside. Hopefully, history tells the true story as time goes on. For more, read our story about the event here as well.