Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger Goes After Tucker Carlson

“RINO” Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger went after Tucker Carlson Wednesday calling him “frightened” and “scared”.

“Tucker Carlson is the most scared and frightened little man I have ever seen. Anger is a mask to cover being afraid.”

This comes as Fox News show host Tucker Carlson has been going after Republicans and Democrats who have shown support for bringing in more Afghan refugees following the government’s collapse.

Carlson said, “This country is getting so volatile and divided maybe we have a moratorium on any new people coming in until we can sort out our own problems?”

“Tucker Carlson Calling Out The Elected Democrats AND REPUBLICANS Who Are Demanding We Bring In “Refugees” From Afghanistan”

Meanwhile, America first GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) took to Twitter to emphasize that Georgia shouldn’t allow Afghans to come to Georgia while many Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan without support.

“GA shouldn’t welcome Afghan refugees while 1,000’s of Americans are stranded. Vet them outside the US, just like Remain in Mexico. Will this bring chain migration too? How much will it cost GA taxpayers in Gov assistance? The future of GA shouldn’t be like MN that voted for Omar.”

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