Second Annual AFPAC With a Former and Current Congressman Shatters Expectations

America First conservatives held their second annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) on Friday night, in Orlando, Florida. The official press release for the event claimed the conference was a major success, “with an attendance four times larger than our inaugural event” from the previous year. 

AFPAC Press Release

While hundreds of passionate conservatives attended in person, tens of thousands more watched the conference on Nick Fuentes’ unique streaming platform.

The speakers headlining this event was full of notable, well established political influencers: Vincent James of the Red Elephants, Jon Miller formerly of the BlazeTV, prominent author and political commentator, Michelle Malkin, former Congressman Steve King (R-IA), America First show host Nicholas Fuentes, and sitting U.S. Congressman from Arizona, Paul Gosar (R-AZ). Also in attendance were many prominent, high-level journalists and workers from National File, Big League Politics, VDare as well as our very own Media Right News.

Paul Gosar, Steve King, Nicholas J Fuentes, Michelle Malkin, John Miller, Vincent James

The conference focused on promoting ideas aligned with the America First agenda relevant to fighting large issues in our culture and political environment today; topics included immigration reform, Big Tech censorship, election fraud, cancel culture, and coronavirus lockdowns.

Vincent James

The promotion of traditional, Christian conservative ideals by speakers at AFPAC provided a stark contrast with CPAC speakers who have included in recent years like, Ambassador Richard Grenell, legal immigration advocate, Charlie Kirk, and proud crossdresser drag queen, ‘Lady MAGA’.

Today’s America First movement is inspired by the ideology that Pat Buchanan supported. The movement recognizes that our culture is slowly degrading as America lets foreign agents pour into our country through legal immigration and as more and more so-called conservative leaders and organizations drift away from Chrisitan conservatism, by supporting homosexual marriage, transgenderism, and cancel culture.

Paul Gosar

These groups of culture believe that unregulated free-market capitalism, by nature, is exploitative of the American people, especially the middle class and will lead Big Business to force America to become more and more globalist. America First patriots believe that as the large Big Tech companies continue to be unregulated and manipulative of what free speech is in America, they will possess power levels and influence greater than the Federal government at the expense of the middle class.  

Steve King

AFPAC and its speakers immediately faced strenuous amounts of backlash from the mainstream media. 

It is quite ironic that an event, allegedly run by ‘white nationalists’ was headlined by an Afro-Latino, Nicholas J. Fuentes, an African-American, Jon Miller, and an Asian-American, Michelle Malkin. The mainstream media will continue to bash any viewpoint that does not align with their groupthink opinion.

John Miller

AFPAC will continue to hold an event every year in a push to prevent young thinkers from holding CPAC-level ideals and return to a Christian, conservative ideology. While AFPAC may have faced tremendous amounts of scrutiny from the mainstream media groups, they gained high amounts of credibility with former congressman Steve King and sitting congressman Paul Gosar’s endorsements.

Paul Gosar, Nicholas J Fuentes