Ted Cruz Shares ‘Controversial’ Video of Him Pledging Allegiance to the American Flag on Flag Day

Flag day is observed yearly in commemoration of the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared a video today in a tweet of himself pledging allegiance to the flag and declared, “This didn’t use to be controversial. #flagday

On cue, liberals descended on the tweet to prove the Texas Senator right about his opinion that it is a “controversial” thing to do, while some disputed that it is “controversial.”

Anti-Trump verified Twitter user Jeff Tiedrich told Cruz to “Stop the performative grievance-baby nonsense, you grandstanding huckster.”

Tiedrich claimed that “Reciting the Pledge is not controversial. pledge to the flag all you want — the next time you’re in a Cancun airport while your constituents are freezing in the dark, for example.”

Another verified Twitter user and “trial lawyer by day” Max Kennedy declared, “You literally voted to overturn the republic’s election.” It should be noted that Democrats in the past have also voted against certifying election results.

The trouble with the argument that the American flag is not “controversial” is that recently NYT editor Mara Gay said in an interview that she was “disturbed” to see “dozens of American flags flown by Trump supporters.”

We reported in part:

Gay also detailed how she was agitated by seeing “dozens of dozens of pickup trucks with expletives [directed towards] Joe Biden…Trump flags and…in some cases just dozens of American flags which – you know – is also just disturbing…essentially the message was clear – it was ‘this is my country, it is not yours, I own this’”.

While many Republicans offered salutes to flag day, conservative activist Courtney Holland noted that there was “Not a single tweet from Biden or Kamala about #FlagDay Shocker.”