Texas GOP Convention-goers Boo John Cornyn After He Was Listed as One of 10 GOP Senators to Reach a Bipartisan Gun Control Agreement

U.S. Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) was booed today at the Texas GOP Convention after he was listed as one of 10 GOP senators who reached a bipartisan gun control agreement.

That agreement, however, appears to be on hold, currently, due to two provisions, one focused on incentivizing states to implement violence prevention programs, and another dealing with closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole.”

The lawmakers left Washington yesterday without finalizing the deal, although it appears that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) may try to have a vote taken next week, assuming that a bill can be put together.

GOP Strategist Zachery Henry shared a video of the scene at the convention and said, “Well, sounds like Texas Republicans aren’t a fan of Cornyn’s anti-2A bill.”

“Entire convention center just erupted into boos when Cornyn took the stage,” Henry reported.

According to Townhall, the Republican Party of Texas’ Platform Committee also unanimously passed a resolution Thursday condemning the bipartisan framework for new federal legislation dealing with guns announced last weekend. 

They also issued a rebuke to the Republican senators, including Cornyn, who sat at the negotiating table with Democrats and continue to cooperate with the plan to finalize the legislation.

Cornyn recently said of the agreement, “We need to tie a nice thick ribbon around everything because we have to have an end to this to write the text in order to be able to share it with colleagues and provide it to the majority leader to put it on the floor.”

U.S. Sen Josh Hawley (R-MO) recently said of the agreement, “I have to tell you that I don’t really like the framework. Among other things this framework incentivizes red-flag laws. I’ve got major concerns about a lot of these red-flag laws across the country.”