The Street: Twitter to Officially Announce Acquisition by Elon Musk After Market Close Today or Sooner

It looks like the deal is likely to happen for around $44 Billion dollars. “The Street” is reporting that an announcement will come before the closing bell today or possibly shortly after.

Twitter stock TWTR has been trading just under $52 on a down market day, just shy of the initial $54.20 offer per share to buy the company by Musk. Although Twitter’s left-leaning board tried to fend off this deal, it looks as though they will have no choice but to accept this offer.

“BREAKING: Twitter to announce Elon Musk acquisition after market close, if not sooner”

“Twitter is reportedly set to accept Elon Musk’s “best and final offer” after market close”

Earlier we reported:

We will update this story or bring a new story when official reports with official amounts and details come out. If this all happens, it’s hard to say who will stay on the board, if Trump and others will come back, what co-founder Jack Dorsey’s future possible role will be and many other variables that the world will be waiting and watching for to unfold.

Musk Tweeted he wants even his worst enemies to have free speech on Twitter.