The View Hosts Broadcast from their Homes as Joy Behar Shares that Whoopi Goldberg has Tested Positive for Breakthrough Case of COVID-19

Today the View came back from their holiday break. Joy Behar shared that her Co-host Whoopi Goldberg has tested positive for COVID-19. Goldberg is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and has had her booster shot as well. Behar reassured viewers that Goldberg’s, “symptoms have been very, very mild.”

“.@JoyVBehar shares on #TheView that @WhoopiGoldberg tested positive for COVID-19 over the holiday break and is recovering at home: “Since she’s vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms have been very, very mild.” Get well soon, Whoopi!”

Currently, the plan is for Goldberg to be missing from this week of The View. Each of the other co-hosts are broadcasting from their homes as the set has returned to the Covid shutdown model. The show had been broadcasting from ABC’s Manhattan studio since September of 2021.

Some of the hosts shared how COVID-19 impacted their holiday break. Hanes, Hostin, and Navarro all had positive COVID-19 tests within their families over the break. Behar decided to cancel her Holiday party because of the skyrocketing case of Covid in New York.

“HOW COVID HIT HOME OVER THE HOLIDAYS: @JoyVBehar, @sarahaines, @sunny Hostin, and @ananavarro share how COVID-19 and the omicron variant surge impacted their holidays.”

The View then had Surgeon General Vivek Murty who reassured viewers that, “The vaccines still work remarkably well and that’s why it’s more important than ever that people take them”. He also touched on natural immunity and cited that cases of Omicron variant in South Africa were being reported in those who had previous Covid-19 cases adding, “We can’t rely on prior infection”.

There is no telling how long The View will be in COVID shutdown format. They are still struggling to find their Republican Unicorn to fill Meghan McCain’s position, Goldberg should be back voicing her opinions next week.

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