TWEET: Schiff Says Trump Wants to Make it Harder to Put Food on the Table, Misses Big Picture

This morning Adam Schiff, the Democrat Representative for California’s 29th congressional district, fired a proverbial shot at President Trump via Twitter. In his Tweet, he was responding to a report tweeted by @ThisWeekABC that was headlined:

NEW: A new Trump administration proposal would cut roughly 3 million people from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps

Representative Schiff responded with a slam at the President for his proposed budget cuts that include some cuts to SNAP benefits for those with low incomes. Schiff tweeted:

It should be unacceptable that in a country as prosperous as the U.S., millions struggle to put food on the table. The Trump Administration’s response? Make it even harder. After giving massive tax cuts to the wealthy, Trump is pulling the rug out from under families in need.


In a world of twisted reporting and skewing the facts, it’s no surprise that Adam Schiff of all people, the same person who implied for months that he had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion that ended up being a complete dead end, would now spin this story in such a derogatory way. You can read in this Rolling Stone article more about Schiff’s claims. The same Rolling Stone which claims the world is laughing us while President Trump is making historic foreign policy strides.

The real story is that it’s ironic Adam Schiff chose today to pick a fight about this topic considering the Dow Jones hit just shy of an all-time high today during a time when ‘food stamp’ use is at a 10 year low according to an article from just a couple weeks ago published by One America News.

In light of this evidence, coupled with record US National debt of over 22 trillion dollars, nobody can blame President Trump for trying to make cuts to the budget. More and more people are getting back to work, which would provide insight for someone with reasonable economic foresight that food stamp use will continue to drop. This makes the cuts being called for not ruthless, or “Trump making it harder for families to put food on the table”. Rather it highlights the desire to lower government spending, lower taxes, and increase gainful employment which usually yields the ultimate result of the very opposite thing Schiff is implying, more food on average folks tables.

To further highlight Schiff’s fact ‘whiff’, if you read this report from the USDA detailing the cuts, it’s largely just cutting via closing loopholes that allow people who clearly don’t need food assistance from getting on it. In one instance a millionaire was able to get on the program using this loophole. So it may be a good look for Adam Schiff to act as though he cares about hungry Americans, but when you dig deeper it’s really not a good look at all.

But Democrats, and yes, most politicians, rarely let a good opportunity for political points go to waste, even when it means skewing the facts beyond most people’s reasonable comprehension. But that’s just business as usual in Washington DC.