Unvaccinated Father in Canada Loses Right to See His Child

A father in the Canadian province of Quebec, has lost his visitation rights to see his 12-year-old child. The judge temporarily stripped away his rights when he requested to extend visitation during the holidays. The Judge determined that because the father was unvaccinated it wasn’t in the child’s best interest.

The judge said it was not “in the child’s best interest to have contact with their father,” with the surge of omicron covid cases.

A family law expert told the newspaper Le Devoir that this was the first case in which judgment deprived a parent of visitation, over vaccination status.

The mother of the child had opposed the fathers original request to extend his visitation during the holiday season. She told the court that she recently discovered the father was unvaccinated.

The father’s social media posts were used to show how opposed to the vaccine he was. Court judgment documents, list him as a “conspirator”. The court document goes on to say, “so that the Tribunal has strong reasons to doubt that he respects the rules. sanitary measures as he claims to do in his written statement.”

The mother lives with her partner and two other children that are too young to be vaccinated. The 12 year old has been vaccinated against covid-19.

This restriction on his visitation rights currently will last until Feburary 8, 2022, unless the father takes the steps to become vaccinated.

The province of Quebec announced earlier this week that it will be imposing a financial penalty or “unvaxx tax” on those who are not vaccinated against covid-19.

Quebec’s health minister Christian Dubé, tweeted Tuesday, the day after the announcement of the tax. “Vaccination: Appointments for the 1st dose continue to increase. About 5K appointments were taken on January 10 and 7K yesterday, our record for several days. Appointments were taken in all age groups. 107K doses administered yesterday It’s encouraging!”

Canadian psychologist Jordan B Peterson recently called the Quebec health minister a “scumrat” for announcing three doses of a covid-19 vaccine would be required for vaccine passports.

Some in the United States it seems would like things to be going the way that they are in Canada. While others are fighting to keep their health freedom. Earlier we reported that the Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate.

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