VIDEO: Trump on 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates: ‘They’re All the Same’

A new video was released by the official Donald J Trump Facebook page highlighting how even the moderate Democrats running against him in 2020 are pretty much forced to kowtow to the radical’s open borders socialized healthcare agenda.

The short clip came after another successful clip done by President Trump’s team of social media gurus exposing ‘The Squad‘ for what could be perceived as their anti-patriotic bias.

From the video:

‘They’re all the same. These Democrats support giving illegal immigrants free healthcare at our expense. Spending taxpayer dollars covering illegal immigrants. Calling for socialized medicine, destroying healthcare as we know it, and putting illegal immigrants before hardworking Americans. The Democrats. Radical, reckless, socialist, they’re all the same. I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message’


They're all the same.

They're all the same.

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Trump 2020 campaign is off to a good head start, with over 100 million raised in Q2 of 2019, while the Democratic contenders struggle for 1st place in the polls. It is speculated that, while Joe Biden is currently number one, the next round of Democratic debates could knock him back a few spots if he doesn’t sharpen up. He claims this time around he will be tougher on Kamala Harris, in particular. Harris apparently is now being seen as a major threat along with Bernie Sanders in recent weeks. Biden, Sanders, Harris, and Warren are in the top 4 according to the Real Clear Politics average currently.

Kamala Harris has recently released a healthcare plan that the other contenders are likely to attack her on being contradictory to recent policy statements she’s made.