Wendy Rogers and Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield Settle the Score: ‘I Think Your Ratings Will Go Up Now After Today’

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers and Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield recently engaged in a bit of a “Twitter war” after Rogers accused Newsmax of refusing to report on the audit.

Rogers tweeted out earlier tonight, “I am going on with Stinchfield on Newsmax shortly. He called me after our Twitter war. Pray that God gives me the words to say.”

In Roger’s appearance on Stinchfield’s Newsmax show, the two settled the score and put the “Twitter war” behind them.

After Rogers discussed what she had tried to do involving election integrity legislation and explaining that she also traveled the country in a high mileage 20-year-old car trying to get all 50 states to perform election audits.

Stinchfield then suggested, “So let’s get this out of the way senator, I accused you of jet-setting around the country, you were in a car with 400,000 miles.”

“I think you accused me of a Soros plant, deep state, and low ratings and I beat CNBC and Fox Business combined on this show, so I think we can both agree we’ll put that behind us, correct?” Stinchfield added.

Rogers deadpanned, “Sure, and I’m sure you’re ratings will go up now after today,” which caused Stinchfield to burst out laughing.

In a tweet prior to her appearance on the show, Rogers made it clear that she is growing impatient with the lack of action taking place after the results of the audit were released.

“I am about to go scorched earth if I don’t see progress from the Arizona AG soon,” Rogers insisted.

The situation between Rogers and Stinchfield began in the middle of September when Rogers tweeted, “Why aren’t @newsmax and @FoxNews covering the audits?”

Stinchfield quote tweeted Rogers and responded with a warning, “I know I constantly cover the audits on “Stinchfield.” But currently there has been little news. Beware of elected leaders who talk more then they act. Who try to trigger more than lead. Newsmax is NOT Fox. #alltalk #becarefulwhoyoupickafightwith

Rogers then simply quote tweeted Stinchfield and asked, “Really?”

Things then escalated again recently after someone had brought up Stinchfield’s response.