Young, Pro-Trump, Ron DeSantis Fan Runs for Idaho Governor, Stuns Crowd in Kickoff Speech and Differentiates Himself from ‘Libertarian Leaning’ Republicans

Ed Humphreys is a relatively new person to Idaho politics. But that’s not stopping him from shaking up the scene in a big way. We spoke to him in an interview and watched a few of his videos to get a better sense of where he stands politically and who he is.

Ed will be running alongside a handful of other Republicans including the current and popular Lieutenant Governor, Janice McGeachin, in an attempt to primary and replace the current GOP Governor, Brad Little. Little has given many Idahoans the impression that he falls under the category of “RINO”, and in a red state like Idaho, could be doing much more to represent the voters.

Ed gave a long speech recently, in the upscale and mostly Republican city of Eagle, Idaho. He touched on many things, including his support for Trump, and how, in his view, Idaho is one of the last Republican fox holes, and one of the last places that patriotic Americans can truly seek the American dream without fear of a left-wing takeover.

He does, however, acknowledge that not even Idaho is safe from becoming blue since it is a fast-growing state and there is much infighting within the local GOP. It appears to us at first glance that Ed isn’t taking a strategy of attacking his Republican opponents, yet anyway. Instead, he appears to be differentiating himself and letting his message do the talking.

Unlike some of the other Idaho Republicans, Ed isn’t afraid to talk about anti-White racism. He brought his son onto the stage and said he doesn’t want him to have to take the blame for things he’s not responsible for. In so many words, he just wants his kids to have a fair shake at life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. He is against legalizing recreational marijuana in Idaho, something many in the GOP fear could bring more people from Portland and Seattle to the ruby-red state.

He also told us that, unlike others, he is considering taking a stance against the refugee resettlement program in Idaho, at least temporarily, while the state grapples with lots of growing pains and culture shifts. He likes Ron DeSantis and thinks others states need people like him, although he has his own message and doesn’t appear to be attempting to copy or replicate anyone in particular. Ed’s family himself has an immigrant background, but he thinks it’s important people assimilate to American culture, regardless of background.

Ed told us he isn’t looking to please everyone and let the masses change his conservative views. Rather, he thinks a good conservative leader should play a role in shaping the opinions of those who are thirsty for leadership. Although many may see that as controversial, that stance has been increasingly popular with the America First crowd since Donald Trump came onto the scene in 2015.

Humphreys mentioned he has spent time visiting Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida and met Kayleigh McEnany, and is on board with the America First message. Most noticeable to us was how passionate of a speaker he is and how quickly many on social media were either impressed or immediately threatened by his existence if they, for example, are supporting someone else for the Governor’s race. The entire speech can be seen below and many other good videos are available here, on his Facebook page.

Idaho’s Lt. Gov Janice McGeachin also recently made her run for Governor official, and the controversial Ammon Bundy has also reportedly filed paperwork to run. Other possible names in the GOP race so far:

Lisa Marie
John Dionne
Cody Usabel