Adam Kinzinger Suggests That ‘The WW2 Generation Would Love to Slap’ Undefeated UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Over Recent Comments

U.S. House Rep Adam Kinzinger (IL) is known for making some outlandish statements and although he calls himself a Republican, the list continues to grow in situations where he is at odds with most Republicans.

Undefeated UFC fighter recently drew praise from many Republicans for comments that he made about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and last night he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

Carlson tweeted the clip of the interview and said, “Nobody has described the American position on Ukraine as succinctly or as wisely as UFC Fighter @ThugnastyMMA

This apparently triggered Kinzinger who quote tweeted it and declared, “Oh my Lord. This is America. By the way ‘I’ll fight when the war comes to Arkansas…’ WHAT??”

“The WW2 generation would love to slap him I’m sure. Way to go @TuckerCarlson . This is a new way to support Putin without being so obvious,” Kinzinger suggested.

Kinzinger then added in a reply, “Side note to this kid, please just stay here and entertain. Nobody is asking you to fight for your country. There are far braver men and women that will do that, even in Arkansas.”

America First supporter Jon Miller quote tweeted Kinzinger and explained, “The WWII generation had no interest in going to war until it came here to Pearl Harbor.”

“Are you that ill read and that dense or are you purposefully pushing lies to promote more bloodshed?” Miller wondered.

Kinzinger, however, wasn’t convinced and shot back in a quote tweet, “Wait didn’t they stay in Europe after it was over? Didn’t the WW2 generation stay? Or…”

Miller then told Kinzinger in a quote tweet, “‘Going to’ and ‘returning from’ are two different things. Did you fail English as well as history?”