Adam Schiff Pretends Illegal Immigration Crisis is Nonexistent, Claims Republicans Incite Violence by Talking About it

U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who was recently booted from his seat in the House Intelligence Committee fudged the truth again today. Immigration and border security was the topic today at a Capitol Hill hearing.

While Republicans made the case to secure the border, Schiff once again obfuscated and used racism and allegations of violence incitement to pretend like illegal immigration is barely a problem, if at all.

Schiff began his speech at the immigration hearing to complain about “gun violence and racial injustice”.

“Many Republicans in congress seem intent on demonizing migrant families and asylum seekers, portraying them as fentanyl traffickers and violent criminals. In the real world, asylum seekers are vulnerable individuals and families fleeing political persecution and torture, and these terrible stereotypes that my Republican colleagues are peddling have real world consequences and bring real world harm as they increase the level of hate and violence directed at immigrants here at home”


Later, U.S. House Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) pointed out that Schiff was fudging the truth. Roy mentioned how even if much Fentanyl is illegally transported at ports of entry, the open border it depletes Border Patrol resources which allows more to get through, and causes American deaths as a result.

The point was made that a large quantity of illegal don’t have legitimate asylum claims, and don’t show up to court, again debunking Schiff’s lies.

Roy also showed pictures of victims of Fentanyl who have tragically died. It’s unlikely Schiff will ever see the light and be honest about the border crisis and tragically possible that the border may not be secured for a ling time to come.

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  1. It’s easy to see why Schiff was booted from the Intelligence committee.
    He hasn’t demonstrated basic levels of intelligence or rational thought in YEARS.

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