Alyssa Milano Posts Bizzare Video Insisting Joe Biden Has New Amazing Woman Centric Platform

President Trump has had a tough run in 2020. Now he is facing an impending presidential election against Joe Biden this November with more variables than one could have ever imagined, including a possible vote by mail election. Joe Biden is being advised by some to not even debate President Trump, while others pretend to be excited about the (in our opinion) lackluster former Vice President to Barack Obama.

Alyssa Milano, Hollywood leftist and never shy about how much she hates President Trump is pushing hard to appear excited about Joe Biden’s new policy on ‘women’. It is our opinion that she is not nearly excited as she appears to be trying to sound in this Tik Tok video, which was reposted on Twitter by user @KarluskaP.

In the video, Milano is bizarrely close to the camera and unnaturally opens her eyes extremely wide as she gives the details of Biden’s new campaign angle and tells the viewers where they can find it (on his website). “I just received Joe Biden’s women’s agenda. AND IT’S AMAZING…” she squeals awkwardly.

Milano goes on to say, “I mean he believes that every issue is a women’s issue… …and he’s right. Go to women’s agenda.” We are guessing she meant to throw a forward slash in there? Or perhaps it’s a button on; we haven’t actually looked. Will Biden debate President Trump and explain the recent violent rioting and looting from left-wing groups though? Will Milano give us more creepy videos to talk about? Time will only tell. Watch:

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