Andrew Cuomo May be Doomed as New Photo Shows ‘Forced Kiss’ as Detailed by Accuser Represented by Gloria Allred

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been fending off calls for his resignation for some time now. Between multiple accusations of sexual harassment, allegations of botched Covid-19 nursing home policies that may have caused unnecessary deaths, many other politicians may have already resigned.

New York City is also losing hundreds of thousands in its population. Some may blame Mayor Bill de Blasio, but some may also lay some of that blame on Cuomo as well. It seems New York is in need of new leadership all around. A new leaked photo by Sherry Vill and with help from Attorney Gloria Allred is allegedly supposed to show a forced kiss.

Gwynne Hogan spilled the beans in a Twitter thread earlier:

Attorney @GloriaAllred with Sherry Vill, who says NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, “suddenly grabbed her face and kissed her in front of her home,” in 2017.

Allred says after the press conference they plan to contact @TishJames office with the allegations. Members of her family who saw the kiss, Allred who found it, “very surprising” and “not appropriate.”

Vill says Cuomo came to her town of Greece, New York when her home flooded in 2017. Cuomo asked to tour her flood-damaged home she shares with husband and kids. Cuomo forcibly kissed her on the cheek several times, and said “you are beautiful.”

“I felt embarrassed and weird,” she says, adding she felt “manhandled.” She then got a then got a call from a staffer who invited her to an event in town but not the rest of his family. “I know the difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one.”

Allred shows photos of the day including one her son took.

They are only planning on contacting the AG’s office, not the Assembly’s investors, adding to a growing list of women who are hesitant to participate in the state assembly’s impeachment probe.

After all this and the previous accusations and ongoing investigations, it’s hard to see how Cuomo can go on much longer as Governor. There were rumors that he would ride this thing out like Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam (D) did after the “KKK/Blackface” yearbook scandal. This may still be what happens, but it seems things are going to be tougher for Cuomo than they were for Northam, despite the lack of media coverage compared to Virginia’s Governor.

Daily Mail also reported in part:

Vill added that she is Italian and would never greet a stranger that way. 

She said that after the initial kissing on her cheeks, he kissed her on another cheek again in front of the house and told her she was beautiful.  

‘He leaned down on top of me, he forcibly grabbed my face and kissed my cheek – again in a very aggressive manner – I felt like I was being manhandled. 

‘I couldn’t use my other hand to stop him. I was holding my dog with my other and the way he looked at me. I felt he was acting in a highly flirtatious and inappropriate manner. There was nothing I could do. 

‘I felt as though he was coming on to me in my own home,’ she said.

After the initial visit, she said she received a letter from Cuomo’s office with photos of the pair that his office took, and that he invited her to an event. She said no one else in the family was invited and that it raised ‘alarm bells’. 

Vill is not pressing charges nor is she suing. She said she only wants to cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into him and that she feels what happened to her should be included in it.  

She is a businesswoman, mother-of-three and has been married for years, Allred said. 

She is the ninth woman to accuse the embattled governor of sexual misconduct.

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