Andy Biggs Asks Bill Barr to Use RICO to Find Out Who’s Funding and Organizing Violent Riots

U.S. House Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has had enough of violent rioters destroying American cities like Minneapolis, MN, Kenosha, WI, Seattle, WA, and Portland OR. He is calling for President Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr to go even further than measures Barr has already taken against protesters gone wild.

Biggs is calling on Barr to use federal racketeering laws to find out much more information about how riots are organized, including who’s behind the money. Josh Caplan reported on Twitter:

“FOX NEWS: Rep. Andy Biggs calls on AG Barr to use RICO to crack down on rioters”

Andy Biggs appeared on Thursday’s ‘Outnumbered’ to opine on his calls amid House Republicans calls to condemn violent riots around the nation. Meanwhile, the Democrats were busy condemning ‘anti-Asian’ Covid-19 rhetoric, as some are ‘offended’ by the term ‘China-Virus’.

“I think there are people that are tired of it” (attacks on police and rioting) says Biggs. “There are associations that are out there that fit under the civil RICO statutes, for instance, where they could go and find out who’s organizing this stuff, who’s coordinating these things, and they can start seizing assets. Harris, I’m a big believer that if you make arrests and you prosecute, don’t let them out without bail, just make sure you prosecute and actually go forward on these cases, you’ll actually slow down some of this unlawfulness that’s going on out there” WATCH:

Recently Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disavowed violence, after she previously said of people destroying statues, “I don’t care that much about statues… people will do what they do”.

Recently rumors swirled that Barr wanted to charge some rioters with sedition, and possibly arrest the Seattle Mayor for allowing CHAZ/CHOP to go on for so long, but officials have pushed back, saying those rumors are unfounded.

Time will tell ultimately what happens as Americans become every weary of violence and riots and just want peace and safety around the nation. The mainstream media has been pushing the idea that most ‘protests’ are peaceful and that ‘93% of them haven’t ended in violence’. That may be true but if only 7% of protests caused between 1 and 2 Billion dollars in damages that’s an awfully scary though.