Andy Ngo Renews Calls for Justice While Trolls Litter his Twitter Feed

New York Post contributor Andy Ngo has renewed his cries for justice and wants to highlight the biased and unfair treatment of prominent conservatives by the media and others.

Ngo was attacked by who most outlets have called ‘AntiFa’ protestors in Portland, Oregon late last June at a demonstration involving both left-wing and ring-wing groups.

During his attack, described in detail in an opinion piece by The Wall Street Journal, after the angry mob of people began to attack Ngo, he patiently awaiting police to rescue him right away but was wrong.

He also claims he suffered a brain injury from the incident as well.


My eyes stung and my face burned. Blood ran down my neck from a ripped earlobe. I later learned the police tweeted they’d “received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement” (though there was no indication the ones that hit me did). I made my way to the courthouse before I lost my balance and sat down. A group of SWAT medics told me I’d have to walk back to the police precinct—toward the protesters—to get medical help, so I did. Later, at the hospital, I was diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain, and admitted for observation. I spent more than 30 hours in the hospital and am told I may suffer memory loss for up to six months.

Andy Ngo took to Twitter Saturday, and again yesterday to renew his calls for justice and accountability. In his Saturday tweet he asks people to support his legal fund and then yesterday he tweeted:

.@RoseCityAntifa claimed the beating & robbery of me. The MSM has not reported this out & still call what I say an “allegation.” Even with the demonstrable history of RCA being a violent extremist group, they still openly organize, dox & recruit on @Twitter & @facebook.


It’s very sad indeed to see violence happen to anyone at all, on either side of the political aisle, or for any reason. Furthermore, it’s downright scary to consider the possibility that law enforcement officials and large social media platforms act and react differently to crimes based on who the victim is, according to the assertions made. Most Americans don’t want to believe it and I can’t blame them, but we would be remiss to not at least pay attention when claims like this arise from anyone at all, to assure that we indeed have a fair and balanced system in place.

Some on the left have said that violence, while bad, has different levels of evil. Although hate speech and racism should indeed be condemned, violence is always just as bad and never ok when using it as a reaction to someone’s free speech, no matter how much we might not like what some people say.

In a video montage put together by The Rundown News, a clip of Chris Cuomo from CNN stating that there is no moral equivalency between ‘Nazis & AntiFa’, regarding the Andy Ngo situation. (Andy Ngo is a conservative journalist but the left uses the Nazi word loosely these days) He states, “all punches are not equal, morally”. He goes on to say “fighting against hate matters” in addition to more, that can be seen below.


As for the Twitter trolls, it seems some people out there think Andy hasn’t been through enough. It’s a shame that a conservative journalist can’t do his job without these types of verbal attacks, after the physicals ones he has endured as well.