Ann Coulter Taunts Joe Biden After Dutch Supreme Court Rules Dementia Patients Can be Euthanized

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter, known for pushing the envelope, dropped a shocker on Twitter regarding a Dutch Supreme Court ruling and presidential candidate Joe Biden. We don’t condone making light of death, but the tweet is worth reporting on nonetheless.

While Joe Biden has been busy trying to get the nation’s attention and reminding us all that he is still running for president, President Trump has dominated the airwaves every day with COVID-19 press briefings. Recently, Biden insinuated that Trump might try to delay the elections, of which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) pushed back on, saying “the election must go on”.

Meanwhile, Coulter, who pops up from time to time after her stint of critical tweets about President Trump not being tough enough on immigration, dropped a bomb. She cited a story about a ruling on the 21st, by the Netherlands’ top court, “that it is lawful for doctors to euthanize patients with severe dementia, provided that the patient had expressed a desire to be euthanized while still legally capable of doing so.”

It’s unclear if Biden has, or will even see this shocker, nonetheless, it’s something that certainly may distract some from the other news taking Twitter by storm, as to whether or not President Trump said to inject bleach… Coulter tweeted:

“I guess this rules out any state visits to Amsterdam by President Biden.

Drudge Headline: “Dutch Supreme Court rules doctors can euthanize dementia patients…”

See below:

It’s hard to say if Coulter will get away with this scot-free, or if the Twitter “PC Police” will go after her for what some may construe as “distasteful” A couple of unverified users were a bit taken aback:

Coulter was one of Trump’s earliest supporters and still supports what he “campaigned on” although she pushed him to do more often on Twitter. A for Joe Biden, it’s not proven that he has dementia, although much speculation as to his mental health has rumbled on social media due to his constant gaffes and a tough time with live or unscripted speeches.

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