Anti-Trump NY AG Letitia James to Host Drag Queen Story Hour for Children ‘up to age 12’

New York Attorney General Letitia James is hosting a “Drag Story Hour” this Sunday, March 19th.

The event was announced on her Instagram page, “My office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon… We’re inviting families”.

The event will host families, drag storytellers, community leaders, and elected officials. The description for the event says the event is “best suited for children up to age 12”.

The event is sold out according to Eventbrite. They will be using the event for publicity as there is a notice, “this event is being photographed and/or recorded and by attending this event your image may be used in photos and videos posted on the Attorney General’s social media page and/or by other media outlets in attendance.”

James is another Democrat promoting “Drag story hour,” which many conservatives view as abhorrent for exposing young children to overly sexualized characters. In an effort to normalize the sexualization of young children. The White House invited one Drag Queen Story Hour performer to attend the singing of the “Respect for Marriage Act”.

This type of event is being promoted in many areas across the country as some states move to ban these types of events from the view of children. Tennesee was the first state to place restrictions on these types of shows.

This move by James seems tone-deaf, as crime is on the rise in New York City and police are leaving the force in droves. Focus from those in government seems to be more on equity then doing their jobs.

James ran on “getting” Donald Trump. When that didn’t pan out the way she wanted, things just went Willy nilly. Time will tell how long it will be before she gets unelected.

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  1. The alphabet minorities are being used as a bludgeon against our culture. The minute the uniparty see’s their goals, (One world government controlled by them) in place, the cattle cars will come for them! You can never be pure enough for this agenda.

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