Antifa Woman Wanted For Assault After Video Shows Her Spitting at Police Over Cleanup of Encampment

Video has emerged of a Jan. 28 confrontation in Bellingham, Washington at the City Hall where violent Antifa attacked police officers who were clearing the unauthorized encampment that had been occupying the area for several months.

The Bellingham Police Department announced today that they are seeking the help of the public in identifying a suspect of an assault that took place at the violent demonstration at Camp 210 perpetrated by these outside black bloc agitators, a group whose only motive was reportedly to make noise and cause chaos on the City of Bellingham.

In the video, the woman can be seen spitting and cursing at the police officers, who are attempting to establish a perimeter so that the encampment can be cleaned up.

It appears that she was upset because the police had pulled a man in to be arrested after he was doing everything in his power to block them from setting up the barriers, including pushing a police officer.

A Facebook post that day from the “BOP Mutual Aid” declared that this is, “Not a drill folks. THIS IS STATE VIOLENCE. The cops have completely shut off road access to camp and are surrounding the area.”

“They are entering with excavators and are manning the second story of city hall. BODIES NEEDED NOW,” the post explained.

The Bellingham Police Department had announced that morning that they were moving forward to “secure the area to allow Bellingham Public Works to clear the encampment at City Hall and on the Library lawn.”

On Jan. 23, a confrontation between two groups of people, where one brandished a gun and another a hatchet, at the encampment left two people injured.

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