AOC Undermines Kamala Harris in the Middle of the Debate: ‘Fracking is Bad, Actually’

During tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, which is still in progress, Mike Pence got Kamala Harris to say that the Biden/Harris administration would not ban fracking if elected to office.

New York House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, however, was not too keen on that commitment, tweeting out “Fracking is bad, actually.”

President Trump tweeted out a clip of Harris where she had previously said that she would ban fracking and said, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris BOTH want to BAN FRACKING.”

A tweet from Kamala Harris’ account during the debate reads, “Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact.”

AOC also tweeted out about the “Green New Deal,” which was discussed and she offered advice to Harris, saying “The Green New Deal is and has been lied about nonstop, and yet is STILL popular.”

“It’s a massive job-creation and infrastructure plan to decarbonize & increase quality of work and life. It’s okay to call the GOP out on those lies just as we call them out on all their other lies,” she added.

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