AOC Would “be Honored” to be Bernie’s Vice President – If Only She Was Old Enough

AOC isn’t quite old enough to be President let alone Vice President, the age limit set for President or VP of the United States is 35. In an interview, she did this weekend with Telemundo Noticias while on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas NV, she said it would be an honor to be Vice President, as reported by The Washington Examiner. The event was targeted at Spanish Speaking Latinos the title of the event on Facebook “Unidos con Bernie Reunión Política Con Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”. 

See part of the Interview in the tweet below.

Cortez threw her support behind Bernie back in October and has been even after the 78-year-old presidential candidate had a heart attack while campaigning. In an interview with after her endorsement with PBS News Hour, Cortez was asked why she decided to endorse Bernie after the heart attack. She said when she heard the news she had a ‘gut reaction’ and new she what she had to do. She called the Senator while he was in the hospital.

When asked if she would be Bernie Sanders’ VP, she said she would be honored to have the position, however, she is a bit too young for the job this go around. Cortez will be 35 in the 2024 election and she could be Bernie’s VP or make a run of it herself in theory.

During the interview with Telemundo Noticias, She called President Donald Trump a racist and said that he is anti-immigrant, and went on to add that his administration is corrupt. This is why she believes it is good that the president calls her crazy. Cortez goes on to say that she believes “he’s afraid of women, of strong women, of Latina women.” Conversely though, Trump-appointed Jovita Carranza to Treasurer of the United States, her signature is now on bills printed after June of 2017. Carranza was previously the Deputy Administrator for the Small Business Administration a position she held until 2009, she is an American born and grew up in  Chicago her family immigrated from Mexico.

Cortez is excited to be on the campaign for Bernie as she is getting experience in campaigning nationally, which would help her if she did decide to run in 2024. Bernie Sanders has stated that he has a very important role for AOC should he win the party’s nomination and defeat President Donald Trump in next year’s election. The pair are out hard trying to get Bernie that nomination

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