Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward Says Despite ‘Biased’ Media, Their Election Suit is Ongoing and Heading to the Supreme Court

The Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelly Ward posted an update video today saying that she still plans to take their lawsuit to the Supreme Court, as has been previously reported in the news. She goes on to describe in detail how she feels much of the media glosses over certain things and highlights others based on Democrat talking points.

“The media is lying about lawsuits” she starts out. Ward goes on to read an excerpt from Forbes: “The Supreme Court’s rejection of the Texas case is in line with how the courts have overwhelmingly responded to the Trump campaign and the GOP’s post-election cases as Republicans have lost more than 50 court cases and only netted one minor win”.

She then goes on after the quote to say “False! False! That article then links to a case in Pennsylvania, the case of the Trump poll watchers who weren’t able to meaningfully observe what was going on. That case was later reversed, so why is the media not talking about our minor but significant ‘rule 27’ win here in Arizona?”

Ward continues on in her video: “Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Let me tell you where they get their narrative. They get it from a shadowy, I call him shady, attorney who represented Hillary Clinton and the DNC in 2016. His name is Marc Elias”

She goes on to explain: “He is the guy that was responsible for retaining Fusion GPS in the now-debunked Steele Dossier…” “It is amazing, he runs an organization called Democracy Docket..” “So he tweets, and the media retweets..”.

The Chairwoman of the Arizona GOP wraps up her rant: “Our case is the only case that appears to have found real evidence, our case is the only one that was opposed by the Democrats… Ours is the only one that has not been dismissed.”

She goes on to say that because of the safe harbor date they are taking their case from the state courts to the Supreme Court. “See you tomorrow” she wraps it up with.

KTAR reported recently about Ward’s case:

Arizona GOP chief Kelli Ward has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal in her bid to overturn Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state over Republican President Donald Trump, challenging the “safe harbor” deadline for completing election litigation six days before the Electoral College vote and asking for more ballots in metro Phoenix to be inspected.

Ward petitioned the nation’s highest court on Friday after the Arizona Supreme Court had rejected her appeal and concluded Ward hadn’t presented any evidence of misconduct in her challenge of ballots in Maricopa County.

With electors voting today and likely mostly cementing Joe Biden’s ‘win’, it’s hard to see what the Arizona GOP’s case going to the Supreme Court will be able to accomplish for sure, but time will tell. Stay tuned for potential updates.