As New ‘President Biden Expressway’ Signs Wreak Havoc on Motorists, Teddy Daniels Asks Are They For ‘Just the Slow Lane?’

New signs went up today dubbing a stretch of I-81 in Scranton, Pennsylvania the “President Biden Expressway,” causing traffic to be backed up for four miles, according to local reports.

Congressional GOP candidate Teddy Daniels, who is seeking to represent the district which encompasses the city, mocked the news in a tweet.

Daniels noted, “I thought it was just us Trump supporters who were the ‘cultists’.”

“I want to know if they are doing the whole highway or just the slow lane?” Daniels asked.

The new signs are Central Scranton Expressway signs and WNEP ABC 16 joked that “If you were stopped in traffic on Interstate 81 north in the Scranton area, you could indirectly blame the president.”

The exit formerly known as the central Scranton Expressway exit is now called the President Biden Expressway exit, WNEP ABC 16 reported.

Biden is a native of Scranton and the City council voted earlier this year to name the expressway and Spruce Street in the city’s downtown him.

Council President Bill Gaughan spearheaded the effort as a way to honor Biden and he said the street signs downtown will start to change in the next few weeks.

Gaughan said earlier this year, “He has really turned the attention of this nation and the whole entire world on Scranton, and it’s been really tremendously positive for us.”

“We have many streets in the city named after presidents, and we only have 46 presidents, and one of them grew up right down the road here on North Washington Avenue,” Gaughan said according to the WNEP ABC 16 report.

Gaughan added, “So, to me, it’s important to honor the president in that way by having a street within the heart of our downtown named after him.”

The downtown portion of the street has reportedly caused the most controversy and when the signs change, several businesses said they won’t change their addresses.

Business owner Stephanie Grudis told WNEP ABC 16, “We are at Tom Grudis Optical and the Bare Accessories at 424 Spruce Street.”

“I have two businesses to change, and I’m going to go kicking and screaming as long as I can to keep it Spruce Street,” Grudis said.

Businesses do have some time, more than a year, to change their addresses before their mail is no longer delivered and Grudis said that when she does, it will cost her a lot of money.

More sign placement will be taking place tomorrow morning as well and the signs downtown will be covered up until the city holds an unveiling ceremony that they hope Biden will be able to attend.

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