Baby ‘Cyrus’ Taken by Idaho Health and Welfare Will go to Foster Care for Almost a Month After Protesters and Family say that Parents Did Nothing Wrong

In Idaho, there has been an ongoing saga between a family and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Last weekend, Levi and Marissa Anderson had their child taken from them by police as per an order from a social worker.

The family claims they’ve done all they can to responsibly manage an ongoing digestive health issue for their ten-month-old, Cyrus. But after one missed appointment with a doctor, the state was called on them and they had their baby taken from them and taken to the hospital. A couple of days ago the baby was given a clean bill of health, however, yesterday a judge had to decide whether or not to give the child back to his parents.

Despite many well-established members of the community vouching on behalf of the family, however, the judge ordered that the child be held in foster care for almost a month, if not potentially longer. Hundreds if not thousands of locals who have been supporting the family and following the case were furious at that outcome.

As per State Rep Tammy Nichols, “The state is retaining custody of baby Cyrus for now. The next hearing is likely not until April 8”.

There may be more to this story but many feel that based on what they know, the state is not giving enough information to the public or due process to the family.

Idaho Tribune reported that it appeared as though Antifa has been celebrating the state’s role in this story and mockingly “backing the blue”.

Prominent Boise Idaho Antifa accounts have gone full-on “Back the Blue” in the ‘Baby Cyrus’ CPS scandal. While parents descend on local hospitals in protest, Antifa goes into overdrive defending “the law.”

Below is the video that was live-streamed when the baby was taken from his mother:

Republican State Rep Tammy Nichols and Lt. Gov. who is also running for Gov. Janice McGeachin (R) both previously advocated for the family getting back their child.

“A quick update on baby Cyrus. 5 legislators including myself, and the Lt. Gov. had the opportunity to meet with the hospital administration yesterday to ask some questions and to bring the concerns that we had, (including those by the parents, friends and family to the administrations attention). We wanted to be proactive and there to express our concerns and desired end result.We urged the hospital to let the mother be with her baby, especially because she is nursing. We expressed the need to get the family reunited now and for better communication to occur. In the hospitals eyes, CPS is the one calling the shots, so now we need to get information from CPS. There is a hearing at 1pm today and we pray for a positive outcome.#nicholsforidaho#peopletician#SaveBabyCyrus

“I am very concerned by the reports regarding Baby Cyrus being taken away from his parents. This morning, I reached out to the Governor and his chief of staff requesting a phone call regarding this situation. Taking a child from his parents must always be a very last resort. This kind of thing must not happen in Idaho. I will continue to investigate this situation.”

Valiant News reported on the social worker involved in this story:

Podcaster Stew Peters interviewed the child’s grandfather recently, who has served as an advocate and representative for the family:

It’s hard to say now what may happen next with the child being in the hands of foster care. Although there has been much media coverage, the family can only pray and remain vigilant.