Barack Obama on Michelle’s Biden Video: ‘As Powerful an Argument as I’ve Heard About the Stakes of This Election

Former First Lady Michelle Obama released a “closing argument” video earlier today in a final appeal to voters ahead of the election, which although is a month away, sees people voting every day through mail-in ballots or at their local registrar.

Former President Barack Obama applauded the video, retweeting it and saying, “This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election. Watch it. Share it. And get everyone you know to vote for Joe Biden.”

In the Biden/Harris campaign video Mrs. Obama claimed that protests across the U.S. are largely peaceful and “only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all.”

She expounded on that, attacking President Trump by saying, “So what the president is doing is, once again, patently false… it’s morally wrong… and yes, it is racist. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

Michelle cautioned that Trump’s campaign is willing to focus on the violence as an election wedge issue that could be effective “because this is a difficult time, a confusing time.”

She went so far as to suggest that “when people hear these lies and crazy conspiracy theories repeated over and over and over again, they don’t know what to think.”

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik responded to the peaceful demonstration suggestion, providing some stats to back up his assertions.

“The fact that Michelle Obama or any Democrat can you look into a camera and say the words ‘peaceful protests’ as they relate to the left, is a joke. #BLM and #Antifa is responsible for hundreds of millions in property damage, murdering dozens, and injuring 3000 police officers,” he said.

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