Bath & Body Works Manager Fired For Saying “F___ Donald Trump” After Social Media Frenzy

Earlier this morning we reported on a story that went viral about a manager of a Bath & Body Works store. We have been awaiting a response to our request for a statement from the chain of body care products.

We got our first update directly from the company’s Twitter though. It appears as though the manager who accosted a man walking by the story with a Trump-themed mask on by telling him “F___ Donald” Trump, has been fired by the company.

This comes after a large uproar ensued on social media, about a day after the original video tweet went viral. Bath & Body Works still hasn’t posted about he situation directly on their main Twitter feed, but we found this response to another tweet that was retweeted by the man who originally was verbally chastised.

The tweet, which appears to be from the official verified account of the company reads:

“We absolutely do not condone these actions as all customers should be treated with respect. The associate in the video is no longer employed by the company.” Jeremiah Cota responded by retweeting it:

“I am pleased to see @bathbodyworks address the issue. It’s unfortunate this happened in the first place but no amount of harassment will stop me from voting for @realDonaldTrump in November! I am proud supporter of the President and looking forward to 4 more years!”

See the tweet below:

We originally reported on this story in part:

‘Jeremiah Cota’ on Twitter is claiming, (with video evidence) that the manager of Bath & Body Works in Scottsdale, Arizona at Scottsdale Fashion Square told him “F— Donald Trump” as he was “simply walking by the store” with a Trump face mask. We have reached out directly to Bath & Body Works requesting an official statement and have yet to receive a response. We will update the story if we get a statement.

The funny thing here is that many on the left will yell at people for not wearing face masks as well, so in this case, it may have felt to Cota like he just couldn’t win. Cota claims he went inside with his camera phone and asked her to confirm that she did indeed say what he thought she said and she did not deny it, saying that it’s how she feels.

In this world that tries to cancel conservatives and Trump supporters for simply going against the agenda pushed by the left, it’s going to be interesting to see how Bath & Body Works responds to this one. Regardless of policies on politics, no employee should hurl profanities, unprovoked, at an innocent passer-by.

We at Media Right News are not calling for the employee to get fired, but rather simply reporting on the situation and apparent hypocrisy of the delayed response from the mega-corporation. They do still have a chance to redeem themselves though. Some of the hypocrisy is pointed out by some fellow Twitter users as will be highlighted below. First, check out the video for yourself and be the judge.

Here was the orginal video: