Beto O’Rourke Appears Desperate to Find Support for Gun Confiscation

In a recent CNN interview, Francis “Beto” O’Rourke stood by his plan for a mandatory buyback of the very popular AR15 and AK47 sporting rifles, even when faced with clear polling that America is at best evenly divided on the idea.  After referencing the Marist/NPR poll that shows a 45/46 split on mandatory buyback, host of New Day Alison Camerato asks “you’re not invested in the polling, you’re not worried about what the right will say?”

O’Rourke, after saying that the issue not being a winning position is not a concern of his shifts to talking about a stop he made in Bland County in Southwest Virginia with under 2 dozen attendees. Much of the crowd was press, but to justify his position he said,“The folks in Bland County, as conservative as it might be, as proud of a gun owner as they might be, they’re talking about this issue and folks are saying look I would give up that AR 15 or that AK 47, I do not need it to hunt, I don’t need it to defend myself in my home.” While the quote was not attributed to anyone in particular and all attempts to locate the resident willing to surrender their firearm have failed, even mentioning it looks like a desperate attempt to remain relevant.


The real question that begs asking is exactly who is O’Rourke hoping to reach with his message. Is it the folks of Bland County, which voted 82.3% for President Trump and where one of the few things are more prevalent than MAGA gear is armed citizens? Is it the Democrat base that has drifted further away from rural American values and is now solidly centered in the metropolitan areas of the country? Or is it possible he is simply pandering to donors in order to keep his floundering campaign alive? It’s worth noting that he never polled above low single digits in the presidential primary.

While we may never know who actually volunteered to give Mr. O’Rourke their weapons and we may not learn who his targeted audience was, it could be there’s an actual lesson in this mystery quote and visit to Trump Country which is likely, ‘how to never be President of the United States’.

Jack Morgan

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