Biden/Harris Regime Deported About 4,000 Haitians, 12,000 Reportedly Will Stay in U.S. as Another Caravan of 20,000+ Heads North

A report by CBS News claims that the United States went on a “deportation blitz” under the Biden/Harris administration. We would rank this as true, but in our view, misleading if you don’t read the full story. When you scroll way down, you can find out that over 13,000 illegal immigrant Haitians claiming to be seeking asylum have been at least temporarily allowed to stay.

From CBS:

Roughly 13,000 of the migrants recently encountered in Del Rio were processed under U.S. immigration laws and allowed to have a hearing before a judge, including 3,000 who were sent to detention centers, according to DHS data. An estimated 8,000 returned to Mexico voluntarily, while another 4,000 remain in U.S. custody awaiting expulsion or release.

Citing the dire conditions in Haiti, top Democratic lawmakers like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have urged the administration to stop the expulsion policy, which they have called a relic of President Trump’s “inhumane” immigration agenda.

While they cited “dire conditions in Haiti though, many Haitians were already allowed into Mexico or other countries that may not be as good in their view as the United States, but way better than Haiti potentially. This begs the question by many of whether or not some nefarious organization with lots of money may have been helping all these migrants organize their trek to the U.S.

Many have speculated that George Soros’ Open Society Foundations organization may have been connected somehow, although it’s tough for us to say that for sure. It’s ridiculous to us how CBS News’ story makes it appear by the headline that the Biden administration is on some mass deportation spree without including the context of how many were allowed to stay until much later in the article.

We all know not everyone reads the entirety of a long article and the headline of a major news organization is giving fuel to the fires of Democrats who think Biden isn’t being open borders enough, when in fact, in our view, that is quite the opposite.

It’s easy to draw speculation that most of them will probably never go back to Haiti, and many will not show up for their court appearances to plea for asylum status, sadly. It was previously reported that there were up to 15,000 illegal immigrants at one point, gathered under a Del Rio, Texas bridge. But if you add 13,000 to 4,000 that brings us to 17,000 total who recently crossed the Rio Grande into the United States, not necessarily counting illegal immigrants from Central America who may have also crossed in other parts of the leaky U.S. border.

To top it all off, it’s being reported that yet another caravan is on the way here. NBC reports that over 20,000 more Haitian migrants are gathering in Columbia, preparing to make the trek to the United States. It’s easy to predict that 75% of those will likely get to stay in the United States as well. With Biden under pressure from angry Democrats being told that he’s on a “deportation spree”, it is unlikely that his administration will do anything substantive to stop this next wave either, so we are likely to see even more mass gatherings in Del Rio or other areas where migrants cross the border, and simply turn themselves in.

Sometimes they complain as soon as they get here that the free food isn’t good enough, as we’ve previously reported about here, and here. Even with this next wave coming, the Biden administration has been focusing its energy on complaining about Border Patrol agents with horses and taking away their right to use said horses instead of actually doing anything to stop what many feel is an invasion of the United States.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that any Border Patrol agents who lose their jobs will be hired by Texas to help instead. That sounds great coming from the Republican Governor in the eyes of many, but far too often, Governor Abbott overpromises and underdelivers, so only time will tell.

NBC reported on the 20th:

U.S. officials are tracking large groups of Haitians in Latin America, including more than 20,000 in Colombia, who like the thousands now massed on the Texas border may soon try to reach the U.S., according to an internal document obtained by NBC News.

The Department of Homeland Security document also said the DHS Office of Professional Responsibility, the agency’s internal watchdog, is investigating an incident in which a Border Patrol agent on horseback in Del Rio, Texas, grabbed a Haitian migrant by the shirt. The incident, captured by a news photographer, drew widespread criticism Monday, prompting White House press secretary Jen Psaki to describe it as “horrific.”

In addition to the 20,000 Haitians gathered in northern Colombia, DHS is also monitoring groups of about 1,500 in Panama and 3,000 in Peru, the document said. A senior DHS official said it remains to be seen when and whether those migrants will come to the U.S., but they have begun “staging” in the various countries, potentially signaling they are planning to travel in large numbers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing crisis at the border that is not only being mismanaged by the President of the United States but caused by, in the belief of many.

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