Bill Maher Questions How ‘Woke’ Hollywood Liberals Can Hate Kyle Rittenhouse but Have Made ‘500 Movies About Vigilantes’

Bill Maher last night on his HBO show went off on “woke” Hollywood liberals and attempts at gun control, while not doing more to remove guns from the movies that help make them wealthy.

At one point, Maher discussed that they often make movies about those seeking revenge and getting it, which he said created a culture of “justified violence.”

“Liberals hated it when Kyle Rittenhouse, they hated him, but somehow the liberal capital of the world is okay with making 500 movies about vigilantes,” Maher pointed out, stuttering a bit as he said Rittenhouse’s name.

Maher continued, “They hate it when gun people say, ‘It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun,’ but then they endlessly produce movies with that exact plot.”

“Now, am I saying don’t make these movies? No, not at all. I’ve never forced censorship or organizing society around what crazy people might do, but don’t look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t a big part of the problem,” Maher explained.

Maher then concluded the segment by noting that movies rarely show the “good guys” getting shot and killed in the same manner as the “bad guys.”

In a tweet, Maher shared a clip of the segment and said, “There’s a sick similarity between the revenge fantasies Hollywood turns out and those of school shooters.”

One left-wing Twitter user responded to Maher, “Again, there are other countries on the planet. We see the same sh*t you do. We play the same games you do. So no, it’s not the movies or the games or the smartphones.”

Another shot back at that user, “There are 63 other countries with more mass shootings and murders than the US. I’m not sure I understand your point, other than to validate you’ve been convinced of something that’s incorrect.”